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Honey E-Commerce Website

Rango Honey came to us when they have a godaddy website before that did not look great but it’s working and they’re doing about $200 on online sales. They wanted a website that show off all of their products, that it should looked fantastic and that it would really start helping them increase orders online without having to do as much marketing. They wanted to see the benefits of the website right away, so, right away after we launched their new website we doubled them out of sales within the first 2 months and that was because of the way that we built their website. It was very easy for someone to capture a kind of an interest and get them to the funnel, we created a very easy good funnel, other than that we’ve been growing their channels from there.


  • We doubled their sales within the first 2 months
  • We helped them increase their online sales from $200 to $4000 and they’re increasing every month – between the website, Amazon and google shopping.
  • We built a marketing campaign that have a collective reviews for every purchases
  • We have ranked their website in keywords without doing much SEO, because we built their website per Google’s technical standards



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